All environments modeled using a combination of ZBrush and Maya.

This environment was built in Unreal 4. My main goal was to learn how to contruct a scene, import meshes, create shaders and collision volumes, and add basic particle fx and lighting. This environment was based on a concept piece done by Jason Rosenstock.

The Lost Cave

Lost Cave ConceptThe Lost CaveThe Lost CaveThe Lost CaveThe Lost CaveThe Lost Cave

There were 12 total assets I created for this scene. Here are a few along with the textures I created.

Archway SculptSculpt Round RockSculpt StalatitesStone ArchCarved WallCarved Wall

This small area was utilized for testing the Mooncrest combat system and built in Unity 5. Models were textured using the Substance Database. The character models were purchased and downloaded from the Unity Asset Store.

Combat Demo MainCombat Demo 1Combat Demo 2Combat Demo 3Combat Demo 4


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