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The following miniatures were sculpted with a combination of Maya and ZBrush for Megacon Games board game, MERCS: Recon. The final miniatures are scaled at 35mm.


Click on the below thumbnails to open a larger version.


Hover Drone MainHover Drone 1 Hover Drone 2Hover Drone Concept

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Spider Drone Main

Spider Drone 1Spider Drone 2Spider Drone Concept


Tank Drone Main

Tank Drone 1Tank Drone 2Tank Drone Concept


Server Main


Safe Main


The following bases were created in Maya for Megacon Games. The 3 bases on the left were created for the MERCS line. The engraved grooves designate a models facing/firing arc.


The 2 bases on the right were created for The Banner Saga: Warbands board game. The hole on the side of the base is for placing a banner which denotes a model's strength.


Bases Main



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