All terrain modeled in Maya and ZBrush.

This was a personal project designed to create quick terrain boards via 3D printing. The entire board consists of only 3 modular pieces: a wall, pillar, and floor. The plan was to go back to add additional pieces like doors, a computer terminal, elevated platforms, and stairs, but a plastic kit was released with all that so this project was abandoned.

Zona Mortale Board Pillar FloorWall

I was always a big fan of the Arcane Ruins set, but it's no longer available so I made my own. Mine is a little bigger so you can fit more models on it and they can fit between the arches. It's also modular with slots for magnets so you can interchange the pieces. This is a quick concept I put together in a single afternoon. It still needs a detailing pass in ZBrush.

Mystical Ruins Ruins Base ObeliskAltar


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